The South Coast Astrology Group meet at the Wollongong Library where well-known & up and coming astrologers present a variety of astrological topics.

When:  Saturday 24th August 2019  @ 1:00pm
Who:    Gregory Clare
What:  “The Aquarian March.  Science vs Nature, 2020 and beyond?


The archetype of Aquarius, an ‘Air’ sign- is the image of the ‘Water Bearer’ pouring knowledge, edification into the immeasurable cosmic mystic waters of Pisces, the ‘Two Fishes’. Aquarius is said to be scientific and humanitarian, some say ‘revolutionary’.  Ancient authors add-‘betrayers of opinion and truth’. As we move into the next decade of the 2020’s earth will bear witness to Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius at 00.00 degrees, followed by Jupiter and Saturn, finally, Pluto will cross the ‘wavy lines’ in 2023.

Science vs. Nature, traditionally Aquarius is under the stewardship of Saturn, and as such a very different story emerges from the modern correspondence with Uranus. Aquarius opposes the light of the Sun-ruled Leo and is described as cold and windswept, dark by temperament, fixed and ridged.

Here ignorance hides under an icy sea awaiting the warmth of the Sun to break the tradition of winter.

Please come and join us as we explore the ’Cup of Knowledge’ and the coming of ‘AI’ and all that may befall ‘The Urn of Minos’.

Gregory Clare

Gregory Clare as a commercial fisherman for 28 years steered the boat at night with the aid of the stars.  These many years of familiarity with the night sky set the scene for what was to become his passion, Astronomy and Astrology.

Gregory is on the Administrative Board of International Academy of Astrology (IAA).  Gregory is currently teaching NAT-5 Astronomy & Other Bodies at the IAA.

Greg is recently retired after 7 years as President of the Astrology Association of NSW Inc and 8 years of the Sydney Research Society.  Greg is a member of the Australian Professional Astrologers (APA) and has served on the National Council of the Federation of Australian Astrologers and on the Australian Council of Vedic Astrologers.

He has lectured Internationally at UAC, been published in the Mountain Astrologer, NCGR, FAA Journals and lectured in Hellenistic and Classical Astrology nationally and at FAA conference.

Venue: The Tom Thumb Room – Wollongong City Library, 41 Burelli St, Wollongong (Parking at the rear of the Library entrance via Stewart St, Wollongong)

Cost: $12 (afternoon tea provided, however, please bring your own mug or cup)

Questions: Contact Chris Thomas 0410 565 954 / Gary Curci 0416 173 824
Email: [email protected]

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