qualifications in astrology

The Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) offers the opportunity to take astrological exams to achieve qualifications in astrology. The FAA offers two qualifications in astrology that are nationally and internationally recognised promoting professionalism within astrology.

1. FAA Diploma of Astrology — Dip Astro (FAA)

There are four exams that make up the FAA Diploma of Astrology. Each exam may be attempted in any order and there is no time limit to complete all four exams. It is not necessary to successfully complete one examination to do another. Any person may apply to sit an exam; the only requirement is that the candidate must be a financial member of an affiliated FAA association e.g. AANSW Inc. All the Exams are undertaken at home.

The four exams that make up the FAA Exam System leading to the FAA Diploma of Astrology are:

  • Interpretation
  • Relationship and Specialist Techniques
  • Calculation
  • Dynamic

Each exam is held at approximately the same time each year.

If you are considering applying to undertake the FAA Exams please download and read the FAA Exam Book at https://www.faainc.org.au/faa-exam-system that provides a step by step guide to all you need to know before you apply.

It may also be helpful to read the Exam Marking Criteria and Essay Writing suggestions on that page. The Exam Board has developed a Calculation Exam Resource Booklet as a support to all teachers and students (also on that page).

For all exam fees, etc; please see the FAA website faainc.org.au for the most current information.

2. FAA Advanced Diploma of Astrology — Ad Dip Astro (FAA)

The Advanced Diploma is the highest academic honour given by the FAA. In order to apply for an Advanced Diploma, the applicant must hold the FAA Diploma of Astrology.

For further information refer to the FAA website