Welcome to the October edition of the AANSW newsletter Orbits. The Annual General Meeting of the Astrology Association of NSW was held on 11th September online as in 2020. The outgoing AANSW Committee reported to members on the association’s actions and experiences in 2020-2021 and AANSW members then took the opportunity to select a new commit-tee to serve for the 2021-2022 year. All office bearers and committee members, except Gary Curci, re-nominated for their existing positions: myself as President, Kate Holden as Secretary, Anita Ings as Treasurer, and Christine Thomas, Ann Leung and Vivian Huang as committee members. The committee also moved to replace a couple of vacated positions, and Penny Walters nominated from the floor of the AGM and was duly elected to the AANSW Committee. An additional AANSW member may be co-opted to the committee in October.

Following the AGM, Brisbane-based astrologer Kim Akinta spoke on ‘Rectification of the Birth Time”’ and members and guests engaged in discussions with Kim following her presentation in a virtual Astro Chat. Due to current health restrictions, the Annual Book Sale & Spring Fair was postponed as in 2020, and hopefully this popular event will return in 2022.

Although NSW health orders are due to ease in a few weeks, the continuing COVID-19 lock-down in Sydney means that AANSW’s monthly meetings will continue to take place online on GoToMeeting until the end of 2021. If you would like to attend the October meeting please follow the usual procedure and contact Kate Holden through the AANSW website. The dead-line for bookings is 5:00 pm on Friday 8th October and Kate will send out the link on the Friday evening. Once COVID-19 cases settle down again and health restrictions are relaxed, we are planning to offer both face-to-face and online options. The aim is to restart monthly meetings in February 2022, NSW health orders permitting. Remote AANSW members and inter-state FAA members will be able to attend monthly meetings online.

Our social media presence has remained steady in the mid 90s, thanks to committee members Ann Leung and Vivian Huang. In addition to her social media role, Ann is also compiling the Speaker’s Report and is doing a first class job. Vivian is our new Newsletter Editor, and has now published a couple of polished editions of Orbits. Monthly content updates for the AANSW website are being handled by our website developer, Keely Worth, with Anita playing a website coordinating role.

At the September meeting of AANSW, we were delighted to welcome Brisbane-based astrologer Kim Akinta to present her methodology for solving the perennial challenge for astrologers of “Rectification of the Birth Time”’. During her presentation, Kim showed how to systematically collect and collate event data, and focused her attention on events relating to the “time sensitive” angles of the birth chart. She then sought outer planetary transits which closely matched the timing of the events, noting that the birth time can usually be deduced by this systematic approach. Kim designed her presentation to simplify the task of rectification using custom made graphics and illustrated her methodology using a real life example. Following the formal part of the talk, there were questions from the audience on chart rectification. You can find out more about Kim’s presentation in the Speaker’s Report in Orbits.

Kim Akinta, Dip. Astro. FAA (1990), trained in Adelaide as a Modern Astrologer and served on the SAFAA committee as Newsletter Editor and Assistant Journal Editor of the FAA National Journal during the mid-nineties. She founded and administrates the 30k Facebook Group Astrology Explorers and produces content for her public Facebook page Kim Akinta Astrologer with 7.5k followers. Kim is currently a member of QFA and lives in Brisbane. Her Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/KimAkintaFAAPC and Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1776727742637973

At the AANSW meeting online on Saturday 9th October, our pre-Melbourne Cup meeting, we are delighted to welcome Sydney-based astrologer, Luke Bayley, to speak on “Picking Winners with Astrology”. Hearing Luke was available to speak at the October meeting brought back memories of the Sydney Astrological Research Society in the 1990s, when SARS used to meet at the Holistic Medical Centre in Randle Street, Surry Hills. Luke Bayley and the dear and departed Ray Webb of the Astrological Monthly Review were the two “go to” astrologers who made predictions on the Melbourne Cup at SARS. It became a tradition back then, and it gives me great pleasure that AANSW can now extend this invitation to Luke. He may even present us with a long shot for the Cup !

Luke Bayley’s lecture will focus on proven techniques to win, the science behind it all and the associated pitfalls. Luke acknowledges there are many variables, however, when the planets align in the way that there is only one winner, he says you will never lose! After present-ing this lecture at SARS on a few occasions in the 1990‘s, Luke says attendees often came up to him later and said “I won several thousand dollars because I used your technique”. So how exactly does Luke go about “Picking Winners with Astrology” ? You can find out more about Luke Bayley’s presentation in the Events Section of Orbits.

Luke originally taught himself Astrology from age 16, instead of following traditional educational pathways. He completed formal studies at the Chiron School of Astrology in the late 1980’s and went on to complete the Practitioners Certificate with the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) in 1991, also becoming a member of the Australian Professional Astrologers Association (APA). Luke worked as a consulting astrologer and columnist for magazines such as Smash Hits, Star and Looks from 1988-96 and he also taught first year astrology students at the Chiron School of Astrology and at Inner Harmony in Cronulla, Luke was a regular speaker at SARS in Sydney for many years and he also spoke at the FAA International Conference in Sydney in 1994 on Harmonics. Luke served on the AANSW Committee for a short period in the early 1990’s.

Luke’s principal focus in Astrology has always been around the “how” and “why” it works, the evidence and the proof, and how this knowledge can be used every day to enrich and create a better life. With a highly developed psychic and spiritual nature, and strongly mathematical abilities from early in life, Luke also became an accomplished Tarot consultant and teacher at the Chiron School of Astrology in the early 1990’s. From 1997, he focused much of his time on raising children and earning a living in the corporate world, but never lost sight of astrology and continued his study and research. With over 35 years’ experience in both areas, Luke is now dedicating time to further research and writing in the coming years.

Following the 11th September meeting of AANSW, in one quite remarkable day Australia’s whole national