Nostradamus, the Leo Eclipse, and the ‘Prince of Camelot’ By Lisa Stephens

Lisa reflects on whether Nostradamus' prediction contained in Century 10, Quatrain 72 of the ‘Prophecies’, the only quatrain said to give a precise date in terms of year and month, may have been a prediction of the fatal plane crash, that of the royal son of America.

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Taking a Chance on Love by Cecily Bazak

Human nature propels us towards relationships, I guess because most of us believe true happiness lies in relating to, and being with someone you love and truly care about, someone you can communicate with on both an emotional and intellectual level, and let's not forget the special ingredient that "turns you on" the chemistry factor.

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Scorpio and Pluto: A Love Affair to Remember by Chris Mitchell

Scorpio and Mars were happily married for thousands of years and rubbed along very nicely. But then Scorpio's head was turned in 1930, when a dark suave mysterious stranger from America came along and started wooing her. "Watch out", we all said. "He may look handsome, but he has a dark side. I wouldn't trust that one - he'll woo you, steal you from Mars and then dump you.

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