CURRENT MEETING – 13th November 2021

Speaker: Marc Laurenson
Topic: “Working with Eris in the Birth Chart”

The Astrology Association of NSW Inc Invites you to the next AANSW meeting at 1:30pm on Saturday 13th November 2021.

Working with Eris in the Birth Chart

Eris is new to Astrology. Discovered in 2005, we are still figuring her out.

Being the Goddess of Strife and Discord, she seems like an energy we need to steer clear of yet on another level we feel drawn to go deeper into the shadow areas of our personalities to work her out.

It is here we uncover where her dysfunctional nature derives.

In this talk we look at how she can play out, discussing the root cause of her pain and turmoil and how it can be used more productively, opening us up to yet another tier of the powerful feminine.

Speaker Bio

astrologer marc laurenson

Marc bought his first Astrology book at the age of 10 and has never looked back.

Marc is the creator and principal teacher at the popular Sydney Astrology School since 2007, going online internationally in 2017.

He is an AAT (accredited Astrology teacher) with the Federation of Australian Astrologers, also receiving the Gold Medal with his FAA Diploma. He has a thriving consultation business Marc Laurenson Astrology with a ‘wait list’ for readings.

He describes his Astrology style as Evolutionary with a psychological bent with a goal of empowering people and guiding them toward more fulfilling lives.

Marc is a popular speaker on the circuit most recently at the 2020 FAA Conference in Melbourne and the 2020 Breaking down the Borders international online Conference. He has also written for many publications including Wellbeing Astrology and the FAA Journal.

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