When: Saturday 15th of July 

Time: 9:30am registration for a 10:00am start –  Finish 4:30 pm 


What: Chiron – Healing Body & Soul

Where: Flemington Markets, Parramatta Rd, Parramatta

Cost: Member: $80, Member Concession: $60           Non-Member: $115, Non-Member Concession: $85

In this workshop, you will learn about Chiron, the planet of Wounding and Healing, and how this relates to you and your life. More than this, you will experience Chiron directly, in you, wordlessly through feeling, meditation, and music.

Topics will include the Chiron myth, the astronomy and astrology of Chiron, Chiron in the cosmic hologram, the Chiron Paradigm, Chiron in relation to Body-Mind, Chiron as both the Wounded and the Healer, and an example astrology reading including Chiron and the Moon’s Nodes (Life’s Path points).

Whether your knowledge of astrology is extensive or minimal, you will come out of this workshop with a deeper understanding of yourself, with tools for your ongoing inner journey, and, if you are an astrologer, with knowledge that will enhance the astrology reading process.

DON’T MISS THIS ONE – Martin has asked that we provide each attendees date, time (if known) and place of birth.  Martin will put together a short overview of your Chiron sign and house for you to ponder upon before the Workshop.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you email your birth data to Chris Thomas at [email protected]

Martin Lass – Biography:

Martin’s stated calling is in the service of healing, the evolution of consciousness, unconditional love, and our return to Spirit.

As a musician and entertainer, MARTIN LASS has been well known in Australia and currently continues to perform globally. He has appeared in every corner of Australia, on numerous live television shows, and has 10 CD recordings to his name, including one Gold Album. His latest release, “Sonnet,” an album of his original music, received numerous accolades after its release across the USA, including achieving No. 13 on the US NAV charts (New Age Voice), as well as receiving warm endorsements from movie moguls, Ron Howard and Rob Reiner.

As an astrologer, MARTIN LASS has studied astrology since the age of twelve and has been a professional practicing and consulting astrologer since the late 1980s.  His specialty has been Chiron, Planet of Healing, and he is considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on Chiron and spiritual astrology. In 2005, Llewellyn Publications published Martin’s book on Chiron, “Chiron – Healing Body and Soul.”   The book has received glowing reviews and on its release was deemed “the definitive work to date on this planetoid.”

Martin was a regular feature-article and column writer for “Well Being,” “The Golden Age,” and “Woman Spirit” magazines in the Asia-Pacific region.  He has also written and self-published a large number of others books on spirituality, metaphysics, and music, available online.

He has been a consulting astrologer for many years, giving personal astrological counselling and healing to innumerable clients. He has given numerous seminars, workshops, and lectures in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Germany. And he has been a regular presenter at The American Federation of Astrologers conventions in the USA.

As a metaphysician, student, and teacher of the Mysteries, MARTIN LASS has studied far and wide in such diverse areas as astrology, mysticism, comparative religions, music, physics, sacred numbers, mythology, spiritualism, and health and healing. Martin’s first formal training was with the Rosicrucian Order. Later, he became a member of a Gurdjieff School (Newport, Australia). Still later, he became a Counsellor of Wisdom in the Concourse School of Philosophy and Healing (Houston, TX), a school with connections to the Egyptian Mystery Schools. He now runs his own Gurdjieff Group.

Payment Option 1: Direct Deposit – Account Name: The Astrology Association Of NSW  BSB: 611-000 (Select Encompass Credit Union)  A/C # 507681  Ref: Your Name

Payment Option 2: PayPal: Please use [email protected] (it will show up as AANSW on payment)

Payment Option 3: Visa or Master Card – email Anita Ings [email protected] for further details

Payment Option 4: Cheque / Money Order – send to PO Box 253 GUILDFORD  NSW  2161 (must be received 10 days prior to workshop date)