9th September 2017

AGM & Rozlyn Noble

An Introduction To Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is an ancient branch of astrology used for finding specific answers to specific questions.  The principle is that at the moment a question is clarified in the mind – the birth time of the question – the answer is also there and the interpretation of this chart is done based on that information.

In this presentation, the basic building blocks and rules will be outlined to assist the astrologer to understand how to accurately and confidently read a horary chart.  When interpreting a natal chart, the astrologer is usually able to converse with the owner of a chart in order to verify and confirm the patterns of behaviour revealed.  However with the horary chart, every clue must be analysed to come to a conclusive answer. Therefore a thorough understanding of the Houses, planets (and what they signify), signs and their relationships with each other must be used to ‘crack the code’ and understand the message of the stars.

Answering questions can reveal that deeper questions lie behind the initial question as the querent seeks to understand the wider significance of the situation troubling them. It is not a prediction of the future but an explanation of the present. When significant moments in time are sought to find the answer to a question, these times are not randomly selected. The interpretation and analysis of that moment can show the interrelatedness and synchronicity in our world.

In this presentation, the use and meaning of traditional techniques in reading the chart are outlined and how this ancient knowledge can be combined with a modern psychological perspective to give insight into the real answer being sought.

Rozlyn Noble began her astrology studies 30 years ago with the Rosicrucian Fellowship based in the USA. Astrology has been a lifelong interest culminating in 2016 with achieving The Diploma of Astrology from the FAA, and also the certificate in Horary from the STA.  She is a current member of the AANSW.  Rozlyn specialises in the ancient technique of Horary. She utilises both traditional and modern astrology methods to bring rich perspective to the questions clients bring.

Rozlyn is also a co-director and owner of Noble Performance Solutions – a business/leadership consulting organisation and has applied Horary Astrology with international executives during times of transition/change.  Originally from New Zealand, Rozlyn has lived in Australia for nearly 20 years. Rozlyn is a keen adventurer, participating in expeditions climbing, hiking, rafting and skiing around the globe.

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