9th March 2019

Dr Neil Hair

“Astrological Politics” The Saturn Party -v- The Neptune Party

At the first AANSW meeting of 2019 on 9th February, continuing recent tradition, I will be leading off the year and in the Astro Chat session, we will look ahead at what Year 2019 has in store on a personal, national and global level using astrology and numerology.  In the main presentation, I am planning to take a new look at the Saturn-Neptune cycle, which in some respects will connect to my presentation “Climate Theology” in 2015, although the major focus this time will not be on Climate Change.  The main presentation will be titled “Astrological Politics – The Saturn Party vs. The Neptune Party” and will explore several aspects of this major planetary cycle, including the “right” and “left” of politics, and the “matter” vs. spirit” dichotomy encompassed by this planetary pair.  The natural world of energy and matter draws some interesting parallels to the journey of “individual spirit” emerging from the “oneness of spirit”, and I will endeavour to relate these observations to the underlying ethos of Saturn and Neptune and the values of “right wing” and “left wing” political systems, perhaps with some surprises.

Further details to come… watch this space!

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Dr Neil Hair

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